• Rajiv Chelladurai can best be described as a Wisdom Coach and a dynamic leader in the area of practical application of wisdom. His life is a testament to everything he teaches and propagates. As a practicing Christian, most of Rajiv’s wisdom teaching is inspired from the Bible and he ascribes his journey to his gleanings from the teachings of Christ in the Bible.

    He holds the position of ‘Chief Distribution Excellence Officer’ in a leading conglomerate. 

    He has authored two books — "GIFT", his first book and "Wisdom Workout" his recent book which is a practical journey towards wisdom and excellence. 

    Rajiv is married to Judith and has three teenage children - Jason, Jessica and Jenita. 

    As you browse through this site, please feel free to contact Rajiv through the connect page and write to us if you'd like more information on his books or training seminars.